Hier sind meine persönlichen, momentanen TopTen, also was ich gerade so höre. Ein Mix aus alten, ganz alten aber auch neuen Sachen.

  1. Yes – Big Generator
  2. Henrik Freischlader –  House In The Woods
  3. Ana Popovic – Can You Stand The Heat
  4. Diverse – Butchering the Beatles
  5. Ozzy Osborne – Diary of a Madman
  6. Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
  7. E,L&P – Tarkus
  8. DreamTheater – Awake
  9. BlueÖysterCult – Cultösaurus Erectus
  10. Led Zeppelin – IV

3 Gedanken zu „TopTen Blues und Rock Bands

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    • Thanks – Dankeschön – I really missed this comment – caus I reallly don’t maintain this site, Nobody is really here it is just my private Hobby. But you left some real true and good things for me – I’m not only a musician i do a Lot of different things.

      Wish you well

    • Thanks and sorry for delay I was out of town for a while and do not use my mobile for this here.

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